Have some questions about Puyallup Newborn Photo sessions? Read on, we’ve got you covered.

How are Puyallup Newborn Photo sessions reserved?

We’re glad you asked! Feel free to fill out the Puyallup Newborn Photography contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to say hello and discuss your newborn session in more detail. Though a partial deposit is required to book a newborn photography session, its a cinch to do. And we can walk you through it when you are ready to pay, it just takes a moment. On location photo shoots require full payment due at time of booking, due to the more detailed nature of on location newborn photo sessions. 


Where is your Puyallup Newborn Studio located?

Our studio is located in the private community of Fredrickson Estates in Puyallup, WA 98375. This is a home studio that is strictly non smoking. This is an immaculately clean 750 square foot (shoes off) studio area used to photograph baby while parents can enjoy watching just an arms reach from baby, from the comfort of a large and welcoming sitting area. There is complimentary WIFI available, as well as coffee, tea and water for Parents and access to a professionally cleaned kitchen and bathroom for any of your needs. There is a tidy changing station area for baby complete with newborn sized diapers, wipes and disposable bags. We want you to feel at home, and to also know that our studios extreme cleanliness for your newborn baby is of utmost importance to us. 

How long are Puyallup Newborn photo sessions?

Our Puyallup newborn photo sessions vary in length depending on your package choice. Newborn photo sessions are offered in 1, 2 and 3 hour increments. But they are not timed because it is an estimate, as it is our utmost goal is to get amazing photos, not to watch the clock. This means sessions sometimes run long or short, depending completely upon each individual session and its detail. Please plan around your time frame and leave plenty of extra time on your babies big day before and after the newborn photo session. For more information on what your newborn photo session includes, please view our Investment page for more information. 


How old should my newborn be for a Puyallup newborn photo session?

Newborns are welcome anytime from 4-28 days old for newborn photo sessions, though we can photograph babies of any age. If you missed the newborn time frame, please don’t fret- just ask us about our “sitter sessions” and our “cake smash celebrations”! We have some hopelessly adorable opportunities to photograph your sweet little one whether they are a newborn, an infant, a baby or a toddler and on, and that’s a promise. 


How long does it take to see my newborns photos?

Within roughly 7-10 days from your newborn’s Puyallup photo session, you will be able to login and see the finalized pictures from your newborns photo session in your private online gallery. These newborn images will be hand edited final images for you to view and download at your choosing. Oh, and you also get the legal rights to all of your edited photos, and we will never charge you for that. No really, we insist! 


What if I want to buy every image in my little ones online gallery instead of picking a select number? 

This is a great question, and a common dilemma. We totally get it, your newborn is adorable and its really hard when you want every single image of them! If you decide that you would like to purchase some extra images, please do let us know as it may likely be an option. If your photo session is eligible,  We can offer the extra images to you a la cart for $28 dollars apiece, or 5 extra images for $100.00. Prices are subject to change.


What if I have certain colors in mind for my Puyallup newborn photo session? 

Can we just say, we are so excited that you’re excited for your newborns photo session? After you book with us, you will receive a welcome email. In it, there will be a short questionnaire for your upcoming newborn session that includes a set of color samples for you to pick from. This helps us get to know your style so we can make your photos just as beautiful as you imagine them. We can’t wait to see what you decide on!



Does your Puyallup Newborn Photography studio have newborn clothing and props?

Yes, we have quite the collection of newborn, infant and toddler clothing as well as wraps and props for your little ones memorable day! These items have been hand made by professional artists near and far that love what they do. We are proud to admit that everything is made from materials organically sourced because it matters just that much to us when it comes to brand new babies.

If you have a personal request for your Puyallup newborn photo session, please be sure to let us know in advance so that we can incorporate it into the outline of your newborn’s photo shoot. Everything for your newborn photo session is prepared carefully in advance for maximum cuteness.

So no, if you’ve suddenly been “guilt gifted” a last minute crocheted newborn outfit from your great aunts grandmother, don’t worry, its not going to make it into the shoot, we promise!


My newborn has baby acne, can it be retouched during editing?

Definitely! Re touching can be done on any level and its up to you regarding the level of retouching. Significant post production edit requests are possible, though extra fees may apply. You will be able to choose the level of retouching before editing begins. Whether you want your newborn’s photos completely natural, or carefully corrected, they are going to be beyond beautiful and treasured for generations to come. 


Do you offer raw images? Can I have the original newborn pictures? 

We are pleased to be able to give you the rights to your newborns photos, though raw images and originals are not given out. The best photos from your little one’s session will be hand edited and then will become available for you to view and download with a pin protected pass code after 7-10 days. Photos are typically available for download for up to 30 days time in the online portal after you initially receive them. It is the clients responsibility to download these photos for their keeping before this time expires. We encourage you to download them to a flash drive for safe keeping.


Can I purchase more images later on? 

This is a great question. It’s important to know that when you select your Puyallup newborn package at the time of booking, you will still have a later opportunity to buy all of the images in your newborns photo session gallery. This is a great option for busy new parents, because when life later slows down, they can then be available for photo book creation, gifts and so many more memory celebrating reasons. CBP can guarantee newborn photos be held for up to 30 days and highly recommends they be saved onto a flash drive.  


I have pre booked a Puyallup newborn photo session, now what happens? 

Congratulations, we are so excited to work with you! Upon booking, we will tentatively schedule a date for your newborn photo shoot around your due date. We ask that clients please contact us within 24-48 hours of having their baby. We then officially book the session between 8 -14 days depending on babies weight.  Don’t worry, we will send you a welcome email with all the instructions in case pregnancy brain occurs- we’ve got you covered and that’s a promise!


Do you offer newborn photo sessions at other Puyallup locations? 

Yes! If you are interested in an In Home or In Hospital Puyallup newborn photo session (or neighboring areas) this is possible! Please contact us with your desired session location as well as details and we can create a customized photo session for your needs. A travel fee may apply, though session length and cost will be the same as an in studio Puyallup newborn session. Please visit our Investment page for basic pricing packages and details.

Does your Puyallup Newborn Studio get cleaned or sanitized between sessions? Are props washed or cleaned before they are put by our newborn?   

Having a newborn baby causes us all to become a bit more ‘germ aware’, and we totally get it-because we have newborn visitors on the regular around here. With that being said, its absolutely more important to us than anything that our studio space be immaculately clean for every baby, every time. This means that the entire studio space receives professional cleanings weekly. Each photo session has freshly changed and cleaned clothing and props, and surfaces have been disinfected to a T, every single time. All items are washed in a hypoallergenic laundry detergent in extra hot water. We also have hand sanitizer available for all to use and encourage it. And you will find that we always wash hands before handling newborns because it matters that much to us. We are a strictly non smoking location.

Catherine Bishop Photography is a Puyallup newborn and family photographer that works on location and in studio located in Puyallup, WA and the surrounding areas. Catherine specializes in newborn, baby, toddler and family photography and is committed to serving Seattle, Puyallup, Tacoma, Maple Valley, Covington, Kent, Orting, Auburn and other nearby communities.

Sessions book up in advance, so please contact to inquire about availability as soon as possible. To book a session or ask a question, simply click the button below or email Catherine directly at: Cat@catherinebishopphotography.com