Baby Greyson featured in Puyallup Wa Newborn photography session

When I tell people I’m a Puyallup Newborn Photographer, I often get curious smiles from Parents. Its a total a conversation starter!

Puyallup Mommies instantly “ooooh and awww” in a completely separate voice that they’ve clearly reserved just for extra adorable babies. Their faces scrunch up in instant delight at the undoubted celebration of baby rolls and the teeny tiny size N diapers floating in their heads whilst the Dad’s cautiously (and quietly) ask me out of the side of their mouths (three tones lower), if I actually enjoy what I do for a living. This is so amusing to me. And my answer, you may wonder?

Newborn photography session in Puyallup Wa 98375

My answer is that I absolutely adore being a Puyallup Newborn Photographer! In fact, adore might be an under statement!

They are absolutely shocked when I tell them that Newborn Photography here in my studio in Puyallup Washington is my very favorite thing to do! No, I’m really not kidding you guys. It is! My Newborn Photography hobby is my job. And my Newborn Photography job is my hobby. How many people get to say that? And Its hard not to feel that way, especially with this cutey pie, Baby Greyson who recently visited me in studio here in Puyallup Wa.

He arrived on a sunny morning in the beginning of June with his beautiful Momma. He was wide eyed and quiet yet looking all around. He was so handsome when I knelt down to look down at him, smiling. His skin was this stunning golden tan (you know, the kind that we all would kill for at the end of the summer), and his eyes were so bright. 

“Whats it like, trying to take pictures of little tiny squirming babies?” Some Puyallup Dad’s with newborns have asked me. 

“Its just a natural thing for me”, I explain. After having two babies, just 16 months apart (some people call them Irish Twins) not to mention also coming from a large family of seven other (full) siblings, its just been a natural thing for me. “I find I am my happiest self when I am artistically working with newborns. And the conversations that I get to have with these new parents are some of the most raw and genuine ones I’ve ever had, honestly,” I continue.

“These local Puyallup parents leave with their newborn’s after the 3 hour session and they’ve made a new friend in the process. Its priceless really. And I wouldn’t trade that for the world, I continue. I really wouldn’t. “


Newborn Photographer Catherine Bishop Puyallup Wa 98375
Puyallup Wa newborn photographer
Newborn Photography Session by Newborn Photographer Catherine Bishop in Puyallup Wa 98375

Featuring some neutral cremes, soft browns and light grey colors, Baby Greyson looked angelic in every color he wore. From the gorgeous 100% angora fuzzy bear hat handmade from the crafty ladies at Knitlandia to the personally hand knit cream colored loop blanket that I made from local materials here in Puyallup, WA- every item meshed together and looked like it was made specifically for him.


Before each baby arrives for their Puyallup Newborn Photography Session, I almost always ask Mom to send me a picture of their newborn so I can see babies skin tone. Just like every Puyallup Newborn Photo shoot, every baby is different. And that photo from Mom or Dad of baby is my first peek into selecting the right color palettes for their session. 


We ended the session with a couple of adorable grey colored hats, one of which was made by my dear friend Tuba, over at Ribbons Goods. Baby Greyson’s tan skin tone really complimented the creamy white sheepskin from Nordstroms that he cozied up on, as well as the adorable knit scarf. Thanks for such a fun newborn photo session, Greyson! You were such a joy to work with!

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puyallup newborn photographer located near me in Puyallup WA 98375
Baby Greyson during his newborn photography session in Puyallup Wa
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