“Ten tiny fingers, ten teeny toes, into the world, a piece of your heart then goes.”

Working as a Puyallup Newborn Photographer is really such an honor for me.

few Sundays ago, here at my Newborn studio work space in Puyallup, WA., the most beautiful and resilient little baby girl was placed in my arms…

Just moments after she arrived for her newborn photo session here in Puyallup, Wa with her Mother, she looked up at me with her bright curious eyes. I was instantly struck with this monumental amount of love- looking down at her slender little baby fingers, her sweet little newborn nose. Baby Ava arrived much earlier than anyone expected her to, yet handful of brief weeks later, she had this certain sense of confidence about herself as she laid there in my arms. 
Mom smiled proudly as she talked about Baby’s “spitfire” character, and her cute newborn “chatter” that she had begun to make on the daily at every twist and turn. 
I soon got to see this for myself as we wrapped baby up and settled her in for her first set of newborn pictures!

Working as a Puyallup newborn photographer, I really can’t help but notice the little details like how her brand new skin was as perfect as porcelain. She looked like a little baby out of a precious fairy tale as she snuggled into her butter cream colored wrap and cover. Her head band and wrap by Cora Bloom, looked like they were made for her alone, and complimented her beautifully in the morning sunlight as it poured into the front window where I worked.

The weather in Puyallup, WA had been surprisingly agreeable lately and that soft diffused sunlight light coming in the front window complimented her sweet infant skin like two peas in a pod. Baby rested there so peacefully as I began to snap pictures while I smiled.

Baby was so patient with me as I delicately began to tuck an ivory felt cover over her, and suddenly there it was! She started to chatter amidst my conversation with Mom and it was like she was contributing to our conversation. She was so graceful as she laid there, even at one point reaching her little hand up to touch her own dainty handmade newborn headband- so aware of her surroundings despite being so little. I didn’t know a newborn could be so observant with their eyes closed! (You can see this image below)

Later, Baby snuggled in for one of those long newborn naps (you know, the kind where they can sleep through just about anything) laying gently inside of a floral newborn nest towards the end of the session.

Wrapped up in a peachy pink color and surrounded by roses, she looked like she was in some kind of fairy-baby-newborn garden! The hardest part of the entire newborn photo shoot, was having to disturb her sleep when I needed to move her to the next prop! Baby did wonderfully the entire session and almost looked like a little doll!

Baby’s Great Grandmother had been visiting the family and their newborn in Puyallup, and joined in for the photo session which made it extra special. I absolutely love to capture generations of family together. 

We took advantage of this and were able to get some beautiful black and white photos of Mom and great grandmother’s hands, holding Baby up in their laps. No doubt some timeless photos that perhaps one day she’ll be able to look upon together with her Mom and hear the memories of the morning we had together.

I can’t wait to see where life takes this sweet baby girl, but I know in my heart she is going to have a really wonderful little life.

The love her Mom had for her was so strong – just the gaze she gave her new daughter was so connected you would instantly know they belonged to each other. Two hearts, once beating together, now separate but always linked like only a mother and daughter can be.

I am excited to have her back for a Puyallup sitter session, and this time next year again for her official 1st birthday cake smash session! She is going to be such a character, I can tell already 🙂 Maybe she will have her Mom’s beautiful curly hair coming in by then! I can’t wait to see! 

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